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Sienna Gel Pencil


Price: $17.50
Superwear Gel Liner

This Gel Eyeliner is the ultimate smooth, easy to apply eye liner formula. Intense color pay-off, long wear, excellent coverage andf an extremely high-shine effect is achieved. Super moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, including vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, gives the pencil a very soft and smooth application

Safflower Seed Oil and Soybean Oil make this pencil soft, creamhy and allow for a smooth color pay-off
Soothing Chamomile and Vitamins E and C are gentle and moisturizing for delicate lips
Excellent coverage
Soft and creamy
Easy to blend
Long-lasting (more than 4 hours) makes this formula "no touch-up required"
Highly smudge-proof
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