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Online Personal Consulting


Price: $250.00
Individual Consulting For Women Who Want The Personal Touch
You can sign up for my one on one consulting. Here is what will happen. As soon as I receive your order we will begin by having you fill out a questionnaire on your concerns and lifestyle issues. You will be asked to submit two photographs. One will be a close up of your face and the other one a total body shot.
After evaluating the information you send me, we will begin discussions either by email or phone whichever works better for you. We will discuss everything that is of any concern to you and you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions in order for you to achieve your goals. There will be no limit of phone calls or correspondence. I will be your personal consultant for all your beauty needs.

I will be able to help you with...

• Color analysis - you will receive a wallet of fabric swatches with which to shop
• Makeup application to compliment your features
• Choose the styles of clothing that will flatter your figure type
• Advice on hair color and eyeglass frames
• How to build a wardrobe for your lifestyle
• How to shop on a budget
• You will receive a copy of "Secrets To a Beautiful You" which
will be your workbook

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